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Today we show you what the future looks like... through still, motion or immersive accurate visualisation

We are a London-based architectural visualisation studio specialising in Property CGI, 3D animation and VR tours for high-end property developers and interior designers. Our work enables you to generate interest and desire in your project long before it enters the physical realm.

Visual Square creates architectural visualisations for developers, construction companies, architects and interior designers who work at the very pinnacle of the premium property market. By leveraging the power of outstanding, tailor-made visuals, we help professionals across the built environment to present their ideas and explain their visions more than they ever thought possible. Our services include property CGI, 3D animation and VR tours, each of which helps to bring future luxury developments and ideas to life in incredible detail. This suite of digital services enables you to showcase and market your properties before construction has even begun.

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Our team understands both the design and the business objectives. We help our clients to tackle more complex, creative and exciting projects to impress their audiences.

What information is needed to request a fee proposal?
To request a fee proposal for external CGIs, please submit floor plans and elevations and a site plan. For internal CGIs, floor plans and any specifications that are available. If you also have any desired ideas, vision and goals to achieve – please share them with us.
What information is required to get started?
To produce Exterior or Interior CGI we need plans, detailed information about designs, specifications for finishes and furniture, and mood boards.
How much does a CGI cost?
Our approach to every single project is individual and the cost is calculated based on the estimated number of hours. Therefore, our prices depend on the scale of the project, the number of visuals and the requirements.
What is a typical timescale?
Our turnaround time depends on the volume, scale and how busy we are at the given moment. For interior studios that we work regularly with, we usually produce up to five CGIs for a project within a week. Medium-size property is 2-3 weeks and larger orders or larger developments are 3-4 weeks.
Is it required to book in advance a launch date?
We recommend contacting us as soon as a project is in the spotlight to book a launch date. We would prefer 2-3 weeks before to assure an immediate start. For studios that we have agreements with, we always take on monthly work that has been mutually agreed upon and set.
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