Immersive experience is a step into the future

We use virtual reality technology to take your audience inside your as-yet-unbuilt development or proposed interior design project. It’s an area of 3D digital property marketing in which we excel.

Web Based

Web page is the best way to ensure your project will be visible everywhere, everytime!


Enjoy VR as never before using your smartphone.


Works on any desktop as long as it has a web-browser.


Use any VR headset, and you’re ready to enjoy VR!

Compatible with any Virtual Reality headset that has access to a browser

In the hands of Visual Square, your VR property project in the luxury space is almost better than the real thing. Our virtual reality solutions are a way to show your customers and partners a world of possibilities.

Thanks to our expertise in the VR property field, we can bring your increasingly tech-aware audience inside your luxury development or interior design project long before work has begun.

Using 360° hotspots throughout, our clients can experience the space from all angles. Renowned for our creativity and technical know-how in the digital arena, we leverage the possibilities of VR to turn your ideas into enticing virtual environments. We transform 2D worlds into interactive 3D representations so that your customers and partners can experience your vision exactly as you’d like them to.