Our digital solutions are a way to show a world of possibilities

Our services include property CGI, 3D animation and VR tours, each of which helps to bring future luxury developments and ideas to life in incredible detail. We treat each project individually, with the same care and attention to detail, meaning you can rest assured you receive the high-quality, custom results you desire.

Still images

The CGI rendering of a luxury property plays a key role in helping stakeholders and clients to understand your vision. A critical marketing tool when first introducing yet-to-be-built properties to prospective customers, static architectural visualisations can create intrigue, invite discussions and influence future purchasing decisions.

Animated Films

By merging cinematography with digital design, Visual Square turns your luxury property plans and ideas into a highly-effective CGI canvas that can be leveraged across your marketing channels. From short clips for social media to longer, desire-inducing mini-movies, our luxury property animations will help you to make a lasting statement.

Virtual Reality Tours

Take your customers inside your future property or interior design project with a visual representation that shows its space, scope and potential in VR. We create these photo-real virtual spaces using the latest virtual reality and CGI technology that allows users to rapidly and intuitively move through them using 'hotspots' and other innovative mechanisms.

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