1. Launch date and timescale

The Launch date and timescale will be determined, and mutually agreed upon at the start of the project. The work outlined in the quotation will be responded to within a reasonable schedule. To process the launch date as agreed, we need to receive the completed information pack with all the specifications required for a project.

2. Client briefing

During the initial consultation, the focus will be to establish the direction and the vision for the project. We will cover important aspects such as the main focus, goals, ideas, lighting, styling, and camera angles. The meeting usually takes place before the launch date, and we will also address exactly what we require from you to produce the work.

3. Modelling the project

Based on the drawings provided, we will build the model in 3D. That part of the process usually takes the longest and consumes about 50%, of the total project time. All elements are modelled in a very detailed manner to achieve the most photorealistic results.

4. Camera angle selection

As soon as we have completed the have the 3D model of the project, we will produce grey-scale multiple-angle options from which you can select. Usually, at least 2-3 greyscale previews are provided for each image.

5. First preview

Once the camera angles have been chosen, the delivered previews will comprise a fully defined image with all elements at completion, this includes materials, textures, and lighting.

5. First feedback

The project includes two rounds of amendments and two meetings during the revision stage unless otherwise stated. 1 x ‘revision’ refers to the client providing 1 ‘set’ of feedback and Visual Square implementing that feedback and sending another preview.

5. Second preview

CGI preview 2. Photorealistic quality.

6. Your feedback

Second feedback from you. You can make comments on the visual.

7. Final previews and final CGI

Before producing the final CGI, we will send you the final preview for your approval. At this stage, all the feedback has been implemented. However, very minor tweaks can still be possible. We will produce the final version in high resolution up to 5,000px for still CGI, Full HD for film CGI, and in a format appropriate to the medium.

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