Y Bluen Goch - 24-home eco-development in a highly desirable area of North Wales

To successfully apply for planning permission, Hall Co Property needed a series of renderings to show how their proposed 24 eco-homes would not disrupt the area’s natural beauty. Visual Square generated four tasteful renderings which supported a successful application.

Situated near the man-made Welsh Riveria, the Y Bluen Goch project offers homes in fantastic natural surroundings in a highly desirable part of Wales. The space itself is hidden from sight thanks to a crop of woodland, offering a touch of privacy, with mountain views on offer to the south and unused green space enveloping the land to protect its rural feel.

The development is marketed as helping residents to promote a sustainable lifestyle in keeping with the abundant nature available. Shared gardens provide a space for inhabitants to grow vegetables, as well as acting as a communal hub. The properties themself are well insulated to help reduce costs and minimise energy output, with rainwater harvesting and renewable energy generation helping support household requirements.

By creating four exterior CGI images of the finished product, Visual Square provided an integral part of the planning application. Projects of this size can have an impact on the area, and our renderings helped to demonstrate how the architect’s tasteful work would complement, not inhibit, the natural beauty. The application was successful, and the soon-to-be homes are already on sale.

Each CGI helped to show the project as fitting perfectly into the scenic surroundings. Muted white tones and red brickwork facades give each home a classic, unassuming feel, with trimmed hedges and flowered gardens bolstering the eco-friendly credentials of the project. An aerial angled image offers views of the entire development, nestled neatly in the welsh woodland.

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